Pillow cases with embroidery picture
Pillow cases with embroidery picture
Pillow cases with embroidery picture

Pillow Cases with embroidery

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Embroidering a design or logo is one of the most visually appealing and cost-effective ways to promote your company or brand. Embroidery can be done on almost anything for example, sweaters, jackets, working shirts, blouses, aprons, caps, just to mention a few.

Depending on the size and quantity of the design, for example on items of a 100 or less, and in some cases certain colour choices, it could cost less than screen printing. 

Advantages of embroidery:

  • All fabrics can embroidered, where only smooth fabrics can be screen printed.
  • Embroidering small quantities (<30) is usually more cost effective than screen printing.
  • Embroidery often outlasts the garment and will not fade or wash away.
  • Large letters (names, etc) can be cheaper than screen printing.
  • Costing of embroidery is simpler than screen printing (see below).
  • Embroidery generally looks better than screen printing.
  • Sampling is easy (i.e. free) and done as a matter of routine


The cost of embroidery varies depending on the size and complexity of your design or logo. We do a provisional stitch count within 5 working days where after we will contact you with an estimated costing.

Here are some guidelines on the costing process:

  • To embroider a small or simple design you will be charged between R20.00 and R25.00 per item.
  • For an average or larger sized logo or design (+- 90mm in length) the cost could be between R30.00 and R35.00 per logo/design.
  • In order to have your design embroidered you will need a digitised format of your logo.Our In-House team can assist you with this conversion for a once off fee. Fees for simple layouts can start at R120.00 or for very complex layouts can go up to R500.00.
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